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Editors recommendation:
Time Archive

Time Magazine's entire online archive.

Being one of the most famous magazines in the world, many people are fans of Time. On the Time Archive site, people have the chance to read the Time magazines that were published some time ago. Such archived collections include some of the best articles that have been handpicked by editors and experts over time.

There is often a lot useful information provided by Time including a lot of suitable information about certain social issues. Editors of this magazine try their best to provide useful tips which could inspire others. At the same time, they also work on specific topics every year, such as the Person of The Year project. It is no wonder then that Time is always one of the beloved journals of the world. If you want to find some news from older issues, you can search for articles using specific keywords with their search facility.

Editors recommendation:
BBC Recent History

Information on events in recent history.

On the BBC Recent History website users have the chance to read about the political issues that are currently happening throughout the world. Although there are several articles mentioning other topics of discussion such as financial and economic matters, the main focus of the articles on BBC Recent History is the political and social issues.

In fact, you should also know that the BBC is a famous company in the journalism world and there are a lot of reports from this company. The BBC Recent History site actually includes some old news as well. Made from the older news, there is also a website that offers a timeline for the history of Britain.

Being such a large company, there is a team of editors managing the content of the website and the content of the website is posted after careful checking so there is not likely to be any misleading information provided by this website. Most people enjoy reading accurate and recent news from around the world.

Editors recommendation:
Current History

A journal of contemporary world affairs.

For people who like to know about happenings in different parts of the world, they may need to read newspapers from different countries because the local papers in their home country usually do not have the resources to mention the news in other countries in great detail.

If you are one of these people, you may find the Current History site useful. On this website, you can read news as it happens in different parts of the world. All the news is sorted by different regions and you can get to know more about the news in a specific region by using those groupings.

For people who like to stay in touch with this website, they can subscribe to the site. If they want to support the operation of this site, they can make donations by contacting the management team. And if they wish to copy the information provided from this website, they can as long as they acknowledge the website.

Current History is a very popular site for those who want to study subjects like Liberal Studies. You can even use the search box on the website to find the information quickly and conveniently.

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