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While the 21st century has only begun, the number of major events that have occurred already this century as well as in the last century has led to a number of important people of recent history.

Starting off the year with the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Center in New York, you have Sir Rudolph “Rudy” Giuliani who was a businessman, lawyer and most importantly the mayor of New York City at the time of the attacks. Although his term as mayor also ended that year, he had already served two full terms as mayor. He was known for his efforts in improving the quality of life in the city as well as obtaining the Person of the Year award from Time Magazine and knighthood from Queen Elizabeth II for his work after the attacks on the World Trade Center.

George Walker Bush, or G.W. as he is most often referred to, was President of the United States at the time of the 9/11 attacks on New York City and is the son of past U.S. President Bush. G.W. is the 43rd President and served two terms in his position during which he has been the only president to have the highest as well as the lowest rankings of any President in U.S. history.

The forty-fifth Vice President of the United States who was also the Vice President under George bush for both of his terms was Albert “Al” Arnold Gore, Jr. He was an activist, politician, public intellectual, author as well as a businessman and journalist.

It was after his re-election to a second term that caused George Bush the most issues. For starters, he began losing the support of his own political party due to his personal stance on issues covering things like immigration as well as government spending. During his term, he has passed more executive orders than any other president, completely bypassing the democratic process and has spent more of the country’s budget on the War in Iraq than could be afforded by the people of the country. As a result, not only has his popularity levels fallen with Americans, it has also fallen with virtually every single country in the world.

William “Bill” Gates III is the owner of the Microsoft Corporation as well as founder and at one point was the richest man in the world with personal assets exceeding 52 billion dollars. He is considered to be the most well-known business man around the world as well as the owner of one of the few companies who has ever been brought up on monopolisation charges in the United States. Furthermore, Microsoft has been brought up on monopoly charges in other countries including France and China.

Along with Bill Gates, you also have Steven Paul Jobs who was the co-founder of Apple as well as the current CEO and also held the title of CEO for Pixar Animation Studios. Long before the IBM personal Computer was released to the general public, Steve Jobs along with Steve Wozniak developed the Apple computer and made it available to the world. The apple was also the first computer to use a mouse-driven GUI. He received the 2007 Most Powerful Businessman designation from Fortune Magazine.

Vladimir Putin was the second President of Russia who held office for two terms from 2000 until 2008. After leaving the office of President, he moved to the position of Prime Minister. Putin has been a well-liked political personality in Russia for his work on rebuilding the country’s economy as well as increasing salaries nation-wide.

Anthony "Tony" Blair was the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1997 until he stood down from office in 2007. After stepping down as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Tony Blair would be replaced by his Chancellor of the Exchequer, Gordon Brown.

In 2007, a number of major figures around the world won various prizes and awards including the Nobel Prize, Pulitzer Prize and more. One such winner of the 2007 Nobel Prize in Chemistry was that of German physicist, Gerhard Ertl. The winner of the 2007 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences was shared by three people of whom the first was American Leonid Hurwicz, the second was American Eric Stark Maskin and the third was American Roger Myerson. Together, for their work on mechanism design they received the award. The winner of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine was shared between two people as well; Sir Martin John Evans and Oliver Smithies of the United Kingdom.

French physicist Albert Fert and German physicist Peter Andreas Grünberg shared the 2007 Nobel Prize in Physics for their work on giant magneto resistance which has led the way to the gigabyte hard drives which are now available everywhere in the world. Furthermore, Peter Andreas Grünberg also won the 2006 Wolf Prize in Physics, was given the title of European Inventor of the Year in 2006 as well as won the Japan Prize in 2007.

In 2007, the Nobel Prize in Literature winner was Persian Doris Lessing for her work on “The Grass is Singing” as well as “The Golden Notebook”. Cormac McCarthy received the 2007 Pulitzer Prize for his novel entitled “The Road” along with the 2005 Pulitzer Prize for his novel “No Country for Old Men” which was later adapted as a movie in 2007. David Lindsay-Abaire also won the Pulitzer Prize in 2007 for his work in Drama, “Rabbit Hole”. For history, the 2007 Pulitzer Prize would be shared between Hank Klibanoff and co-author Gene Roberts for their work on “The Race Beat: The Press, the Civil Rights Struggle” as well as the “Awakening of a Nation”. For the 2007 poetry Pulitzer Prize, Natasha Trethewey won for a collection of poetry entitled “Native Guard”.

Although most of his work occurred in the 20th century, Ornette Coleman who is an American saxophonist and composer as well as violinist and trumpeter won the 2007 Lifetime Achievement Grammy. Paul David Hewson who was better known as Bono, is the only person in history to ever have been nominated for a Golden Globe, an Academy Award, the Nobel Peace Prize as well as a Grammy in 2006, 2005 as well as 2003. Furthermore, in 2002 he was recognised as one of the 100 Greatest Britons. Bono also won the 2004 Pablo Neruda International Presidential Medal of Honour from Chile, the 2005 as well as the 2006 Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People, the 2005 Portuguese Order of Liberty and in 2007 he was given a Knighthood.


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