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In recent times, a lot has changed in the music industry. It was the advent of the internet back in the early 1990’s that would help to transform the way that music is shared around the world. Thanks to the increased access of information through the internet, one can now quite easily access any type of music that they want simply by the touch of a key. One of the cheapest things in dealing with the internet is actually the costs of storage space, and as such that also means that music can now be easily stored and shared with the world right through the internet.

Online communities has allowed for an increase in the number of publicly available bands. In the previous century, a band would only play locally and hopefully they would have some type of local fame out of it. With the advent of sites like You Tube and My Space, a musician is able to share his or her music with the world at no cost at all.

When talking about the music of the 21st century, it is important to also speak about the concept of music in the recent years. For starters, the music is not an extension of the music types of previous years, nor is it different, somehow the music in the recent years has taken on a life of its own. Most music has begun to take on a class of irony in some form and it does not respect any type of boundaries with regards to the past or present or even the concept of social or political norms. Featuring both high and low styles, recent music has no issues with starting off slow and peaceful only to break off into a loud and rowdy anarchist sound.

The concept of structure of the music too has changed in recent years. Music of the 21st century has broken all of the rules of the ideals of what makes a correct musical structure. Furthermore, it is no longer autonomous, but rather part of a whole, belonging to a cultural, political or even a social genre of musical enthusiast. Once again as like back in the Vietnam War Era of the late 1960’s the increase of the number of protests songs can be heard in virtually any music genre and is not limited to any particular genre.

Probably one of the biggest issues about music of recent history is that thanks to the advent of the Internet Era, music piracy is starting to become an issue. Never before has it been so easy to simply share a song with someone else. If you had a cassette tape, you would have to go out, purchase a blank tape and dub it which would take a while to perform.


Even after CDs came out, you had to make sure that you had a CD burner and some blank CDs,


however the encryption on many CDs released by major artists has attempted to prevent this. However, as the internet era expanded, the ability to share technology that can bypass these encryptions has become easier. As a result, more and more songs are becoming available online.

One of the biggest events over this issue was the Napster case in which a website was allowing people to convert their favourite songs to MP3 and then share those songs with the rest of the world. This website soon got shut down and the record labels started criminal charges against kids of all things. As the piracy continues, the representatives of the record labels continue with scare tactics by suing or pressing charges against an occasional person but unfortunately this is not working, it is only increasing the popularity of pirated music.

Unfortunately, this too has begun to start having issues as small time musicians who would like to sell their own CDs online, are getting in trouble with attempting to sell “pirated” music even though it is their own. The real question is as to when the official breaking point will occur between the concepts of what is considered to be music piracy and what is just copying a back-up of your own music CD’s on your hard drive for storage in case an unforeseen event happens.

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