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While the 21st century is still rather young, it has already seen a number of battles which classify as recent wars and battles. The most obvious battle of the 21st century to date started during the very first year of the new century as a result of terrorist activities.

It was September 11th of 2001 when members of the al-Qaida terrorist network set up a plot to cause great devastation against western society. On this date in history, 4 commercial airliners took off from 4 different locations in the United States. Within only a short period of time, the first plane was hijacked by the terrorists using plastic knives. The terrorists having been trained in flying the aircrafts took command and flew the first plane into one of the Twin Towers at the World Trade Center in New York City. Meanwhile, as onlookers stared in amazement of the “accident” the second of the Twin Towers was struck by a separate plane sending both towers tumbling to the ground.

Meanwhile, above the State of Pennsylvania, after using a cell phone illegally aboard a commercial jetliner, passengers soon learned of the attack on the World Trade Center. When terrorists attempted to take control of the third plane, the passengers fought back. Not being able to regain control of the plane, it crashed into the Pennsylvania countryside; it was destined for Washington D.C.

The fourth commercial jetliner was flown into the Pentagon Building in Washington D.C. This act of terrorism against the United States took a lot of lives and the audacity of the attacks themselves led to a need for revenge against the conspirators and planners of the attacks; Osama bin Laden.

By the end of the year, U.S. forces invaded the Middle East under the name of the War on Terror. As time went on, this also fell under a number of operations associated with the full scale war against the al-Qaida and Taliban terrorist networks.

Starting in 2003, the Pakistan Government declared war on the Baluch Rebels in what is now being called the Baluchistan War. Over the years there have been a number of rebellions and uprisings in the Baluchistan in recent years.

One war which started near the end of the 20th century and still continues today is that of the Burundi Civil War which is between the government of Burundi and the Hutu rebels.

In Central Africa since the turn of the century, the Central African Republic Army Mutiny has been going on. This is a battle between the Central African Republic government, the Liberation of Congo Front as well as Libya against the Central African Republic rebels. As a result of this battle a number of near wars were created between the Central African Republic and Chad.

By 2005, Chad also had its own battle known as the Chad Rebellion in which rebels from Chad and mercenaries from Sudan attacked the capital of Chad in an attempt to overthrow the government. Chad with the assistance of the French was able to halt the overthrow attempt but unfortunately the rebels still control much of the Chadian countryside.

There is also the Second Chechen War which was between the Russian Government and Chechen insurgents. The apparent cause of this war was the invasion of Chechnya by the Russian Government which was done in response to the number of Chechen terrorist attacks in Russia.

Since 1964, the country of Columbia has been in a Civil War which is between the Colombian government with assistance from the United States and a band of Marxist rebels alongside a number of drug cartels.

Since 2003 in the region of Darfur, the Darfur War has been going on where a Sudanese rebellion is fighting to overthrow the government. This rebellion is occurring over the government sponsored genocides of the civilian populous of Darfur.

In 2006, Ethiopia and Somali started a war between each other. This war occurred due to the fact that the Ethiopian government intervened in the Somalia Civil War as a means of providing aide to the recognised government of Somali.

For a two day period in April of 2001, India and Bangladesh were in a border dispute as troops from Bangladesh seized a village which it had previous claims to. This was a short skirmish that ended rather quickly with only a few lives lost.

Israel and Palestine are at war which is occurring between the Israeli government and not only the Palestinian Authority, but also Hamas, the Islamic Jihad as well as a lot of Palestinian militias. Like a game of tennis, attacks are done in a suicide bombing style between the two forces which take turns in their attacks against each other.

At the same time, Israel is also at war with Syria in the Israel-Syrian Conflict which has been going on since 1948. Since the founding of Israel as a Jewish state following the Second World War, the Arab Nations of the region have laid claim that Israel is not a Jewish state but rather an Arab state and should be returned to them. As a result, fighting has continued for more than 6 decades.

Since 2002 along the Ivory Coast, the Ivory Coast Government has been in a Civil War with the Muslim rebels in the area. France has consistently attempted to intervene by sending peacekeeping troops into the region in which they show favouritism to the government which has just stemmed more violence in the region.

The Korean Conflict started back in 1950 but is getting closer to coming to an end. This conflict has been between North Korea and South Korea with the United States assisting the South Korean government. In most recent events, after the North Korean government successfully tested a nuclear weapon in an underground cave, they have since blown up their nuclear facility in response to a possible treaty and potential aide from the United States.

In Macedonia, the Macedonian government fought with Albanian rebels as they had wanted their own autonomous government but with the help of U.S. and NATO forces, the conflict was resolved.

Since 1996, Nepal has been in a Civil War between the recognised government and Marxist rebels. The rebels want to oust the Royal Monarchy of Nepal and replace it with either a Marxist or a Maoist system.

In 2006, rioters in the Solomon Islands led to the Solomon Islands Unrest. With the help of the Solomon Islands government, New Zealand as well as the Australian governments, the unrest was quickly quelled.

Meanwhile, since 2003 in Thailand, the Thai Muslim Rebellion has been continuing between Muslim Separatists and Thailand. The Muslim population of Thailand which is located in the southern portion of the country where it borders Malaysia have been starting rebellions since the 1970’s.

For a couple of months in 2001, Thailand and the country which now goes by the name of Myanmar battled over a border issue. Myanmar, which is more popularly known as Burma has been in a long-lasting Civil War. As a result of this Civil War, on a couple of occasions the battles spilled over into Thailand and as a result the short skirmish between Myanmar and Thailand occurred.

Since 2003, Pakistan has also been battling al-Qaida and Taliban insurgents. The Waziristan War which has been occurring in the Waziri region which is very mountainous is most likely a stem of the War on Terror. As American forces combined with Iraqi forces continue to push insurgents out of the area, they have been relocating to the Waziri region of Pakistan.


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