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Editors recommendation:
English Monarchs

Kings and Queens of England through the ages

English Monarchs is a website which aims at providing some interesting information about the history of the Kings and Queens of England. There are a lot of beautiful pictures of the life of the Kings and the Queens. From the first King of the country, Egbert, to the current Queen, Elizabeth II, there is information about all of them.

When you visit this site, you can be sure that there will be plenty of illustrations which may help people have a basic image about the Kings or Queens. There will also be a short biography provided.

Therefore, this is one of the popular websites that people can visit when they are going to study the history of the Kings or Queens of England. Sometimes, visiting a library may be time-consuming so visiting websites like English Monarchs is better for people who want to save the time.

Since this website is partly designed for educational purposes, you will find that visiting this website is convenient and the words used in the content of this website are easy to read. This site has become one of the more popular websites for primary school students needing to complete book projects regarding the Kings and Queens.

Editors recommendation:
Pictures of England

Pictures of historic England.

PicturesOfEngland is one of the popular sites among tourists who wish to visit England and learn its history. On this website, there is a lot of useful pieces of information about the historical remains of England. The webmasters use a lot of photos instead of words to explain the beauty of these remains and they also provide some basic cultural information about the country.

By visiting this website, visitors can understand the culture of England and they also get information pertaining to various events that are to soon take place in this country so that they can then choose to visit the country during that particular time. By doing this, they can enjoy the celebration of some special festivals or occasions.

The owners of PicturesOfEngland is a couple, Chris and Sarah Plows. They live in Oxford and they wanted to help to promote the culture of England so they established the website. Not all the photos are taken by the couple. Some of the photos are actually submitted by others that also want to promote the culture and traditions of England. Therefore, this website is actually the work of many people in England together that want to promote their country to others.

Editors recommendation:
Britain Express

English History, Heritage & Culture.

Britain Express was established in 1996. The founder of this website was David Ross who loves to share knowledge about the lives of people living in England. After years of hard work, more and more people are participating in bringing content to the website and more and more information can be found on this website.

Now, Britain Express is one of the best websites for people who love to view information about England. It has become one of the largest sources of information which does not belong to the government. Therefore, you will not see a lot of hard-selling advertisements promoting the beauty of England. Instead, there are some objective description of the views in different parts of the country along with some basic tips that people could bear in mind when they are visiting the country.

Britain Express is now operated as Britain Express Limited. However, David Ross is still at the helm but with this kind of Ltd operation, it is expected that the website can grow better and it can continue to serve as a guide for tourists in the foreseeable future because friends and relatives of David Ross are now working for the site helping it to expand even further.

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