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Peter Grimes Teens

In some ways the differences between me and my brother were set from an early age, for instance my brother would think nothing of beating his girlfriend Kay whereas I have always been adverse to this behaviour of hitting females watching my father do it to our mother.

Additionally; personally I was always adverse to heavy drinking again because I saw what it did to our family growing up and in particular our father however my brother seemed to revel in it with a few extensions to other types of abuse like drugs.

Drug Abuse:
My brother (Peter Grimes) was well into his drugs in his teens as well as barbiturates, his favourite hobby at this time was inhaling Evo Stick (a petroleum based product) that used to be called glue sniffing used with a bag, he also used lighter fuel cans on occasion quite simply my brother was hooked and doing it all the time or whenever he could.

On one occasion my brother was with a load of other addicts and I went down to get him out, it was in a house in Longlevens where the parents were out.

I went through the front door (that was open) and really just followed my nose, the smell of glue was burning my lungs and I had not made it fully up the stairs, eventually I got to the shut room upstairs and pushed the door open which was sealed from the inside with a towel across the bottom of the door (this was to stop any vapours from escaping).

I had to enter the room with another towel over my face as the smell was that strong I could not breathe, on entering the room it was blacked out (windows drawn) with about 5 to 7 young lads all off their face and some were unconscious, I located my brother who was unconscious and carried him out to my transit van, once at home it took a few hours for him to come round and be fully aware of what was going on around him, it took days to get it out of his system with both me and mum watched him around the clock, we never informed dad because he would also have got the strap from our father.

When he did eventually come around I gave him a good talking down, threatened to dissemble his motor bike and burn all his leather cloths in the hope that it would put him off continuing down this path, of course it helped, and in those days there was not the support you can get today but I know he still did it whenever he could but never as severe as this day when he could have killed himself.

I took him on doing stuff (odd jobs) with me a lot more at this time to keep an eye on him and to give him a purpose, of course he wasn’t much use a lot of the time because of the after effects of the abuse and believe these events seriously damaged my brother in some way, I think he was lucky but one of the permanent symptoms is brain damage and believe it has left it’s scars even today.

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