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Peter Grimes (later years) introduction

In later years peter grimes for some strange reason and beyond my understanding has formulated this deep seated dislike for myself as his older brother (Paul Grimes), I have asked him in several emails why he feels this way toward myself and what his problem is with me, in the past my mistake has been actually caring what my brother thinks (unfortunately that has now changed) whatever is going through my brothers mind is poisoned by pure bitterness for me as his brother for reasons only known to himself.

On occasion and in the past I have always responded and given peter grimes answers to his comments and some of the reasoning behind any of my behaviour from the past and/or present.

On these occasions when I have given him any explanation either to his accusation and/or assumption there is never any apology coming back from him for even thinking that way toward me in the first place, it is also either skipped over and/or conveniently forgot about or put into a bracket of a lie on my behalf.

†So the simple fact is if I ever do give him a complete answer to an accusation he is so bloody minded that he does not believe it anyway or if there is actual proof just ignores it and just then moves on to the next reason and or motivation in his justification and campaign of why he should dislike me? †Usually one that I cannot prove either way, the simple fact is I think it is easier in my brotherís mind to believe the worst case scenario.

In the end I suppose I just gave up and just treat anything he says now as background noise, however; sometimes that background noise goes beyond anything sensible or radical or anything reasonable.

I have finally formulated the opinion that my brother has no real basis to his dislike of myself, accusations and opinions he throws at me are just either based on assumption and/or most have no foundations whatsoever he just uses these as a constant stream of rubbish to justify his most basic of feelings.

And that is: The simple fact is he does not like me as an individual and any excuse to justify his feelings has, does and would be used, but instead of being honest with himself and me tries to over complicate matters with reams of excuses in self justification for these feelings.

To be frank it has got to a stage now where I do not like this person or his narrow minded way of thinking, my brother has never been the sharpest knife in the drawer and I believe some of his teen years with drugs etc. has seriously damaged him along the way (more on that later).

Additionally; when I was diagnosed with a serious illness I personally would have thought that my brother would have put everything else aside and act more like a brother should? Instead he was nowhere to be seen, did not visit me in hospital or show any form of support (without complaint) during or after this illness, in fact all he did was continue accusing me of even more petty stuff even whilst I was recovering from the first part of this illness? (Also More on that later)

All the way through and from the start, I suppose all I have done is continued giving my brother the benefit of any doubt and hoped that he would see some sense and reconcile our differences? But it has been a bit like banging your head against a brick wall.

Eventually after over 7+ years of this and after getting further threats and intimidating behaviour from my brother Peter Grimes In October to December 2010, I decided enough was enough and had put up with his behaviour for long enough I additionally had our mother to consider in this equation.

I also have not been well enough to put up with it and decided to give him one last opportunity to put everything to bed by electing a third party to act as a mediator between us, Even at this point I wanted to try and settle things between us and try and move on so we could both help our mother, but again my brother peter grimes was not interested and refused any mediation other than social services involving our mother into our arguments again when (Really) any problem here was clearly between me and himself.

And so I was faced with no alternative to seek advice from the police, at this point it was only for their advice and direction I needed I also was not prepared to continue as things were going, after informing the police of peter grimes threats and behaviour and emails, the police also decided to interview our mother and after this they said they would go and visit my brother, which they did and also advised me to put it down in writing from my solicitor and try and get some sort of timetable sorted out between us to visit and/or help mum and to warn my brother that any further abuse would not be tolerated.

My personal conclusion now of my brother (Peter Grimes) is pure stupidity, arrogance and self justification at its worst, I donít think we have ever wanted the same things and my brother does have another agenda, I hung on for as long as I could to try and reconcile with him but sadly he was not interested and has poisoned any relationship between us with his pure bitterness.

Anyway this is only supposed to be an introduction and the full story is enclosed herein (or when I get time to put it down) see if you can make sense of it, let me know your conclusions.

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