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Me and my Bro, By the time my little bro was 5 years old ďand maybeĒ getting his first memories I was at a ripe old age of 11 years and had already been through hell and back with my father, my brother could never see my dad through my eyes or understand the isolation that I endured because on one part I shielded him from it and on another he had me as company as I did him, when my brother was born I instantaneously felt close to him and protected him, here I am about 6-7 years old and my brother a baby.

maintaining his bike with his (Dan) leather jacket and bags!

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My brother and me were a lot closer; there was less of an age gap between us when he was 9 years old I was 15, I cannot explain the love I had and still have for my brother but for me it runs very deep, almost as though I could forgive him for anything although most of the time I feel like beating him!

In later years and for some reason he doubts me and distrusts my word, I donít think I have ever given him any reason to do this but this insecurity plus add to that what our sister has done to our mother (I believe) is a major contribution to this break down! I do not necessarily blame him for his mistrust of me, and by the same token he should not blame me for distrusting him, but it is confusing.

When a sibling (our sister) does such an anus crime against her own mother it sort of brings into question everything else and destabilises a family overall, I hope to iron this out entirely in my own mind and put it here before I die, but whatever happens my brother, if we do not trust or speak again I will always love you!

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