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Family Search

Searchable database of your ancestors records.

FamilySearch is an organization which could help people to find their ancestral records. It is one of the largest organizations of its kind in the world today. There have been many people that have used the services provided by this organization who have been able to find records for their family tree.

In fact, this organization has a very long history. It has been established for more than 100 years and it is active in getting genealogical records from all parts of the world. Not only that, but you can be sure that all the records found would then be preserved. Interested parties can gain access to the resources of the website of this organization and conduct a search so as to get some basic kinds of information. They may also visit the family history centers which are located in different parts of the world.

The service of FamilySearch is actually provided by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The aim of this organization is to help people to be able to find the history of their family so that they can then find out where they actually come from. They may also understand how their recent families thought about the future generation and worked hard to complete the wishes of their ancestors. Therefore, FamiliySearch remains extremely popular with most people all over the world today.

Editors recommendation:
Marriage Records Online

US, Canada & the UK marriage records

GenWed is a free database which allows people to perform genealogical research regarding marriage records. However, this site is mainly used for people in the United States, the United Kingdom as well as Canada as most records preserved in this database are of people from these countries.

From GenWed, people can search for basic information regarding their marriage records. However, it should be noted that even though many records can be found, most professional records are not available in this database; and GenWed would not be responsible for any errors in the search results. The main reason for this is that marriage records of people are always constantly changing.

In fact, this database contains so many records because thousands of members are constantly on the lookout for adding their information to such online databases. Of course, they have to submit some evidence to proof the record as well. They may show up the newspaper clippings of the wedding, some bible transcriptions or any other relevant documents. Therefore, everyone submitting the information to this database is verified, and as such, one would not be capable of cheating the database. You could make use of this database to find your ancestor’s marriage records or even your own.

Editors recommendation:
Family History Records

UK census & military records.

The Ancestry site is one of the largest family history websites in the United Kingdom. There are millions of records about family history available in this website for you to search from. Of course, being the top website in the UK, most ancestry information that is available on this website is only for UK families.

This site was established in 2001 but worked hard to find suitable records for the members. Members can use different filters to get suitable pieces of information. All you have to do is to simply enter a marriage or death record as well as indexed birth to get your desired results.

Actually, this site is just one of the various websites of the organization. The organization operating this website also operates websites in many other countries.. Therefore, Ancestry actually has a global network and people all around the world could search for the information conveniently.

From this website, people could actually search for information in 1901. This clearly shows that people can get a long history of family records conveniently from this website and learn more about their family. You could find lots of information from this website when you start searching for your ancestors.

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